8 – Payment by Moneybookers [Direct link]

8.1 – Does accept payments via Moneybookers? [Direct link] has a Moneybookers account, but it is not yet integrated with our payment system. To make a payment to using Moneybookers you must first visit our payment page to receive an invoice. Go to and click the “buy now” button next to the membership you wish to purchase. You will be asked for your billing information and then asked to select a payment method. Please select “check or money order”. This will provide you with an invoice.


Pay the amount shown on the invoice to via Moneybookers, setting the recipient to

Finally, submit a support request indicating the payment has been made, and we will manually process your purchase. Please be sure to include the amount paid, the transaction ID and your Moneybookers email address.

わたしは最後のsupport requestを読み落としていて、「なんで反映されないんだろう」といらいらしていました。




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