モスクワ行きBA機から微量放射線検出(Times Online, ITV News)

November 30, 2006

Radiation is detected on BA flights to Moscow

Daniel McGrory and Stewart Tendler

# Airline alerted by Litvineko police

# Poison gang may have been on board

Alexander Litvinenko’s missing hours

The full list of affected BA flights

British Airways have discovered traces of radiation on two of its three aircraft that have flown to Moscow since the death of Alexander Litvinenko.

Two Boeing 767s tested at Heathrow showed “very low traces of a radioactive substance”. A third aircraft, which has been grounded in Moscow, is due to be tested.

The Health Protective Agency would not say if the substance found was polonium-210, the radioactive isotope that poisoned the former KGB spy.

Radiation is detected on BA flights to Moscow – Britain – Times Online





The aircraft were immediately withdrawn from service, but the airline and toxicologists said that there was little risk to the public.



BA passenger risk over ex-spy’s death

8.14, Thu Nov 30 2006

Thousands of air passengers have become embroiled in the investigation into the death of ex-spy Alexander Litvinenko, whose inquest opens later.

BA said around 33,000 passengers may have been exposed to “low levels of radioactive traces” found on two of its aircraft at Heathrow. A third plane grounded in Moscow is also being examined.

BA chief executive Willie Walsh said: “The advice that we have is that the risk to public health is actually very, very low.”